Our Best of Class Solutions

Strategic, Operational and Comprehensive Planning
We can help your organization design realistic plans that increase your competitive edge and improve your organization's capacity for improvement.

Identifying Customer Targets and Tracking Customer Service
We can help your organization identify industries and clusters that are ideal targets for your services, incorporate this information into your promotions efforts and track the extent to which your services meet customer needs.

Benchmarking Operations and Continuous Improvements
We can help you to contrast your organization's performance to your peers and competitors; design new programs/strategies that are best of class; and then chart out how to using today's technology to get done.

Proposal Preparation and Grant Writing Projects
Our specialty, we can help you manage make or buy decisions, eg. design your proposal process to seek out responsive and responsible bidders or help prepare grant application to submit to external funding organizations.

Professional Development and Staff Training
We can profile your organization, identify opportunities or weaknesses and train your staff to capitalize on improvements and neutralize threats.





To Meet Your Needs

Manage the Organization
Strategic Planning
Operational Planning

Understand the Customer
Define Industry Clusters
Identify Target Industry
Track Customer Service

Design Program Strategies
Locate New Strategies
Benchmark Operations
Continuous Improvement

Identify & Use Resources
Bidder Solicitation/Selection
Grants Application Writing
Manage Make/Buy Decisions

Professional Development
Technical Information
Staff Mentoring

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